Track: 360° Digital Marketing
Social Media for Government Enterprises

  • 25th February 2016
  • Thursday 11:00am - 12:00noon SGT
active social media users at present, which equals to 30% of the world’s population.
people follow news on social media & 16% get their ‘morning news’ from social media ONLY!
of Singaporeans prefer using social media when interacting with Government Enterprises.

Looking to engage citizens but not quite sure where to start on social?

Spent time and money to build an active community but not there yet?

Pretty much tried & tested it all but still in search of a winning strategy?

As a government enterprise on social media - you already know it’s no cakewalk. Too many platforms, white noise and the decreasing attention span of users are just some of the issues that create limited opportunities to grow social media communities.

However, building engaged community is not impossible if you have an effective strategy and an action plan in place. Request an invite to our in-depth monthly webinar to learn more about:

  • Empowering, engaging citizens on social media & running viral public campaigns
  • The octopus effect of social networks & building 360° citizen outreach programs
  • Developing a customised G2C social media playbook for government enterprises
  • Overcoming the pitfalls of over-marketing & social media crisis
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Kavita J

The webinar will be led by Kavita J - Director, Web Spiders Group Pte Ltd. She has been consulting both B2C and G2C (Government 2 Citizen) social media initiatives. She specializes in digital marketing namely search, social and content. She also curates conference content for Click Asia Summits and addresses the training needs of digital marketers globally.

Who should attend?

  • Government Enterprises
  • Public Sector Organisations
  • Public Service Commissions
  • Director: Marketing
  • Non-Profit Organisations
  • PR & Communication Professionals
  • Community Managers
  • Digital & Social Media Strategists

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